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Standard radiator valves can often be ugly or unobtrusive, so we have chosen a range of discreet, well designed valves from Europe’s leading manufacturers to complement our radiators. To see which valves are suitable for your preferred radiator, use the drop down below right and then the pipe position filter on the left.

Manual valves are generally used with towel rails, where you are not heating the whole room. Manual valves have no labelled settings -simply turn the valve head until the radiator is giving out the amount of heat desired. They are most suitable for areas where your heating needs are fairly constant e.g. with towel rails, or where the preference is for a more subtle and discreet appearance.

Thermostatic valves are more energy efficient for heating larger spaces. Thermostatic valves come with an in-built temperature sensor and have a range of temperature settings. The thermostatic valves will maintain the room at the temperature you have selected by automatically adjusting the heat output from the radiator. This means that you can take advantage of any “free”heat the room receives, such as that from the sun or from electrical equipment.Thermostatic valves are also useful for rooms that may have sudden large changes in occupancy e.g. dining rooms.

Thermostatic valve heads should always be installed with the heads pointing upwards or to the side (as with straight or double angled valves). If they are installed with heads pointing down they will not work properly and will need to be replaced.

These towel radiators can be supplied with a supplementary electric heater which can be used in the summer months when the central heating is turned off, allowing you to have warm, dry towels all year round. To see what this looks like, click on one of the individual radiator models shown on the product range pages below.

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