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Trend alert: metallics

August 17th, 2020

Some might say that we are a little like magpies here at Bisque. It might have something to do with the repertoire of metallic finishes we offer. And like magpies, we appreciate all things shiny. We are proud to stock a wide range of different metallic finishes across our rads, towel rails, accessories and even our valves, meaning there is sure to be a colourway to match any interior scheme.

The metallics trend has continually dominated the interior design field, since reflective surfaces provide added dimension and interest. Metallics help break up ‘flat’ spaces due to the smooth and shiny exteriors which automatically draw the eye in, creating natural focal points.

Cool metallic tones, such as silver, nickel, and steel bring a slick, modern aesthetic; whilst warmer tones, like gold, rose gold, copper, and brass are inviting, flattering and subtly glamourous. Old fashioned rules dictate that a mixture of cool and warm toned metals is a big no-no. However, a modern take is to clash the two tones to offer a unique look – think edgy with a touch of glamour, minimalism with an inviting appeal and eclectic all-out maximalism.

To inspire you, we have pulled together some of our favourite metallic finishes available across our entire range of radiators, with tips on how to style them and get the most out of the finish.

Launched a few years back, Bisque’s Rose Copper finish continues to be one of our most popular options. The gorgeous Rose Copper finish contains genuine copper that has been overlaid with a matt lacquer to prevent further tarnishing. This means your beautiful rad will maintain its shiny glow and continue to look as elegant as ever. Our Rose Copper finish can also be matched to popular home accessories such as lighting fixtures, coffee tables and decorative touches.  

This rosy metallic finish looks amazing paired with contrasting rich green tones. Each colour is bound to pop since the orange/rose hues sit on the opposite end of the colour spectrum to greens/blues. For something more minimal, pair the Rose Copper rad with warm neutrals and match your other fixtures and fittings for a cohesive look.

Image credit: @FrowHome on Instagram

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that gold is having a bit of a comeback. From dominating the latest catwalks to a resurgence of gold jewellery, it sure is making its way into our homes. It’s widely known that trends from the fashion world transition over to interiors – and what better example of this than the UK’s resident fashionista Victoria Magrath, aka In The Frow, opting for our Gold Look Glossy Classic rad in her new property. 

Featured in the kitchen, the gold radiator is the perfect partner to Victoria’s stunning West Elm bar stools and bright blue Coeur kitchen. The Classic is always a popular model thanks to its enduring appeal and fantastic heat output; plus, it looks just as at home in contemporary homes as it does more traditional interiors, with Victoria’s kitchen being a perfect blend of the two. This glossy gold finish is a super alternative to conventional metallic finishes, and ideal for those looking to add an industrial edge to their home.

A chrome finish is always a classic look for any bathroom. Chrome or stainless steel is an easy choice since many taps and showers will come in the same finish, so you can make sure to match each of your bathroom accessories for a complete look. It’s a great option for compact bathrooms or en-suites since its ability to reflect light can brighten up the space, creating the illusion of a bigger room. It is a timeless and modern finish that matches a wide variety of colour schemes – if you wish to change up your décor in the future, there is no need to switch out your hardware and towel rails. Our Alban radiator is a top choice; it offers nicely spaced rungs which are open on one side, making them ideal for families to store ample fluffy towels. And it comes in an electric version too!

 Finishes? The range of two-tone colour effects was born out of Bisque’s passion for colour and creating exciting new finishes. Available across a few of our most iconic radiators, the ClassicClassic towel radiator and Hot Spring, the five striking finishes change colour when seen from different angles. Green morphs into silver, red transforms into gold, green to purple and gold to silver.

Photos of the iridescent finishes do not do them real justice since the colours elegantly morph from every angle you view them at – we would highly recommend a trip to our London Showroom where we have the full range on display. They are the perfect metallic addition that are sure to add wow-factor to any space.

You can check out our full range of fantastic metallic colours and finishes in a dedicated part of our website here.


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