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Towel rails for every interior

June 25th, 2021

While we are famed for our eye-catching and iconic designs such as the Hot Spring, Arteplano and Archibald, some of our best options are also the most versatile. The Classic, Chime and Deline are all superb towel-rails sure to suit any room, whilst offering a space-saving function that has become an absolute necessity in any bathroom. 

The Classic

With a suitably ‘classic’ body, this rad is an excellent option thanks to its sumptuous styling. Inspired by the old Victorian school-style radiators, the Classic has a sleek design that is complemented by the addition of the chrome towel rail. The rail adds not only style but also functionality, acting as the perfect spot to keep a bathroom tidy and decluttered. 

The Chime

With wide rung spacing, the Chime is a terrific choice for homeowners looking for a piece with strong design credentials in addition to being family friendly. Thanks to the spacing between its rails - and the amount of them! - the Chime is a superb option for larger households needing space for several towels, as opposed to one or two. In addition, finishes like Volcanic are excellent thanks to their grainy, textured appearance, which will add depth to any space, no matter its size. The classic look is our popular mirror-polished steel finish. 

The Deline

A sleek choice for those short on space, the Deline’s versatility comes from its wall-mounted nature. This allows for the radiator to be strategically positioned in a place where it can be best suited to your room, freeing up valuable floor space to give a bathroom the illusion of space.

Traditional collection

For those who prefer a slightly more traditional look, look no further than the Balmoral, Buckingham and Osbourne. These rads were introduced early last year having recognised a gap in the Bisque family for the classic Victorian-esque towel rail, synonymous with many English country hotels such as Soho Farmhouse or The Pig chain. The Balmoral can even be colour matched, giving it a modern touch, while the Buckingham and Osbourne are available in a wide range of finishes, including an antique bronze look for those after something truly special. All rads in the Traditional collection are available as electric and dual fuel options, too.

Speaking of dual fuel, we always recommend opting for a dual fuel towel rail where you can. Dual fuel towel rails have a supplementary electric heater, that gives them power during the summer months when your central heating is (usually) turned off. There’s nothing worse than a slightly damp towel in the summer months, so a dual fuel option ensures your towels are served crisp, warm and dry all year round. You can find out more about the benefits of dual fuel here.

Overall then these are but a few towel-rail offerings that would work well in a variety of spaces. Other options like the Alban are also available, and once your style of choice is personalised to your preference with the colour-match service, you’ll have a versatile rad tailored terrifically to your space.


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