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The Bisque Tetro and Tetro Towel

April 25th, 2019

Bisque offers a number of stylish radiators, but one that is always popular with our customers is the Bisque Tetro. Available in both bathroom and general room models you can choose one style to suit the whole home, so why is this product the perfect choice?

The Bisque Tetro is made from recycled aluminium

Aluminium is very light weight compared to cast iron, Tetro is similar in style and appearance with the added benefit of you being able to install it without having to have a team of people to carry the radiator.

Aluminium is also very quick to respond to temperature change making it an energy efficient choice for your home, it is also made from recycled aluminium. This product also comes with a 15 year warranty!

Its Italian styling

The Tetro has Italian detailing on the top of each column which makes it unique compared to other column radiators. Its asymmetrical feet make it perfect for traditional cottage interiors. If you are looking for something to fit a modern home, its range of special finishes can create the perfect look for a warehouse or industrial style property.

Options available

For the bathroom and kitchen we have the Tetro towel. It has a neat polished rail which is both elegant and practical. The Tetro is available in vertical and horizontal models allowing you to install this product in a variety of spaces.

For further information on this product, please contact a member of our sales team.


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