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The Bisque guide to… heat output

July 23rd, 2020

At Bisque we are not just keen on beautiful looking radiators; we are also passionate about beautifully energy efficient radiators.Over the years we have worked to combine modern heating technology with stunning design credentials. We recognise how important it is to our customers to have a thoughtfully designed heating solution that is equally as aesthetically pleasing.

But before we begin - what exactly is heat output? The size of your room, the number and type of windows and what the room is used for will all determine whether you require more, or less, heat. 

To help you figure out which type of radiator would best work in your space, we sat down and devised a nifty Heatloss Calculatorto indicate a suitable radiator output to keep your room at a comfortable and efficient temperature. 

The calculator is very easy to use. Simply input the number of floors, external walls, windows, and select any other variants to calculate the number of watts your room needs to keep it nice and cosy. The calculator will then generate a number of suggestions for you to choose from, meaning you will then be able to confidently choose a radiator to match your needs. 

A question we do often get asked regarding heat output, is whether the colour of the radiator has an effect.The short answer is - not enough to make it worth considering. 

When it comes to colours and finishes, the only factor that makes any significant difference is the reflectiveness of the finish. The shinier the surface, the less heat it radiates. Therefore, our chrome or polished stainless steel rads have a smaller output when compared to the same models in a painted finish. The difference is typically around 20-25%. 

Of course, from a scientific point of view, a matt black radiator would be the most efficient choice, but the difference in output between that and your typical glossy white radiator is only 1% - hardly worth compromising on the colour you want. 


Whilst we should strive to be as energy efficient as possible, you can make much greater savings by accurately sizing your radiators (through the heatloss calculator) and by using thermostatic valves – and also, only popping the heating on when you really need it! 

When it comes, it really is a matter of whatever takes your fancy. We’re proud to offer a huge variety of colours and finishes from the daring Etched Copper Arteplano, right through to the traditional Gloss White Classic. There really is something for everyone. And with Bisque's unique colour matching service you can have our radiators painted to your exact requirements; over the years we've matched everything from tiles to fabrics.


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