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The best of Bisque: how bestselling radiators from our classic collections provided the perfect finishing touches to a renovation project

October 12th, 2021

When Paul Bence and his wife Anna bought Treetops in 2018, it was a red brick 1960s build they had big plans for. The house was to be gutted from the inside out, with just a handful of interior walls to remain standing, and rendered in a resplendent white finish so gleaming their friends now refer to it as the ‘White House’. They knew there would be months of hard work ahead as the property required a complete refurbishment.

As a 1960s build, the house had chimney stacks in the attic, which were typical of the period and that the couple were keen to retain. Otherwise, Paul and Anna wanted to completely modernise the property, and commissioned a team of architects to advise on the redesign, which the couple then project-managed. But as with all the best renovation stories, things didn’t always go to schedule! Despite issues with planning, the build and a shortage of skilled labour, Paul and Anna persevered and 18 months later were able to move in. Here, Paul explains why they chose Bisque radiators to add the final finishing touches to their super-stylish new home.

Q. You and Anna had very clear ideas about what you wanted to achieve with Treetops from the outset. Tell us a little bit about your style.

A. Anna and I have always had an interest in interiors and design, and the fact that we were gutting Treetops and starting from scratch gave us the perfect opportunity to put our own stamp on the house from the very beginning. Our taste is what I’d describe as a quirky take on both modern and classical – we like to add a personal touch where we can.

At Treetops, this is perfectly demonstrated in the children’s bedrooms, where they were able to personalise the colours of the radiators they chose (rose pink for my daughter; blue for my son!) and for us, with leather and rust-effect finishes on the models in what we call our snug rooms.

Q. How did you go about choosing the radiators for each room?

A: We had different themes throughout, and created a mood board to help us achieve the desired look and feel. We wanted the kitchen to be super modern, for example, with large format tiles and a sleeker radiator model to match, such as the Atreplano.

In the porch we added the Hot Spring, which looks like a coiled spring – a real talking point. When researching fittings and fixtures, it was the Bisque collection that best married up with the mood boards we’d created. We ended up choosing most models from the Classics, Flow Form and Arteplano ranges.

Q. How easy was it to research the products you wanted?

A. In the initial stages, we found that the website was really useful in helping to identify style, size and colours. A visit to our local showroom helped to confirm our choices. The staff had such deep knowledge of their products we were able to find out everything we needed to know, whether we had a question about installation or a colour range.

Q. Talking of installation, how smooth a process was the fitting of the new radiators?

A. We decided to make it easy on ourselves and had the house re-plumbed to fit the radiators! So the whole process was pretty streamlined.

Q. How pleased are you with the end result? Have your Bisque radiators created the wow-factor you’d hoped for?

A. All that and more! We’re delighted with the results. When you’re undergoing a complete refurbishment it’s very easy to concentrate on the bigger elements of the build and neglect the finishing touches. But with Bisque, the radiators have become focal features of each room, which is what we wanted. Friends and family always comment on them, so they’re a great talking point as well.  I’ve always admired Bisque as a leading interiors brand – I find their cutting edge designs to be extremely creative. The radiators won’t date as they’re iconic, and they have felt at home in our home from day one, if that makes sense!

Q. Can you sum up the ‘Bisque experience’ in one sentence?

A. Absolutely. Bisque is the radiator brand of choice if you want to create stunning results in your home. They’re extremely stylish, and will suit your home whether it’s traditional or a more modern look you’re going for, and can’t be beaten for functionality and pumping out heat.

About Bisque

Bisque, which is part of the Zehnder group, crafts radiators that provide beautiful, practical and efficient heating solutions which are also environmentally responsible. They are an expertly engineered fusion of form and function, helping to create the perfect indoor climate at any time of year.


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