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Radiators for compact living

July 29th, 2020

The housing shortage in the UK has seen our living spaces continually shrink in size, and we currently hold the title of having the smallest homes by floor area in the whole of the EU. The average UK home in 2013 was recorded as a mere 93.6 sq. m. - which is tiny compared to the Netherlands’ 115 sq. m. and Denmark’s 137 sq. m. With our rapidly shrinking homes, it is time to start thinking innovatively about compact design and living.

Although our homes may be short on space, the one thing we cannot do without is an efficient heating system – especially in the UK! At Bisque we have developed some ingenious space saving radiators that not only boast fantastic heat outputs, but also look stylish and sleek; all-the-while requiring minimum installation space, helping you get the most out of the limited square feet you have.

With this in mind we have listed out some of our favourite space saving radiators suitable for a range of homes and situations.

Hailing as the closest to art a radiator can get, our Arteplano is the ideal heating solution for compact living. Its slim profile and wall mounted installation takes up minimal floor space, unlike the standard clunky rads that eat up precious inches. Thanks to its tall, vertical shape, the Arteplano has the added benefit of creating the illusion of even more space since it draws the eye up towards the ceiling.

Available in a wide range of finishes, such as Etched Copper and Brass, it can be styled as a unique piece of art giving a touch of personality to a small space. Don’t want to go bold? No problem. Our Arteplano is also the master of disguise. For an almost undetectable radiator you can opt for our colour matching service to seamlessly blend your radiator into the wall. A solid colour across the wall will add to the illusion of more room since there is nothing to interrupt the eye line - perfect for the minimalists out there. 

In smaller homes, the bathroom is usually hit the hardest. When space is at a premium it is often prioritised in the main living areas where people spend most of their time rather than in bathrooms. This doesn’t mean that functionality trumps style and design. We have a variety of small towel rail solutions that are both practical and stunning to look at.

Like the Arteplano, our Svelte is an elegantly tall and narrow radiator perfect for utilising vertical space. Made from recycled aluminium, it uses 90% less water than standard ladder rails and is quick to respond to temperature adjustments – making it ideal for bathrooms where large temperature variations are common.

For bathrooms where vertical space is a challenge, we have our cute as a button Lissett towel rail. Measuring at a modest 59cm x 40cm, the smallest size was specifically designed for cloakrooms. Do not be fooled into thinking that smaller equals less heat output – the Lissett towel rail is also made from recycled aluminium so it heats up faster and more efficiently than traditional rad designs. And it is eco-friendly. What’s not to like? 

Struggling for wall space? Then go low. Our Flow Form radiator is the industrial heating element turned into a beautiful radiator. The Flow Form’s spiral fin was designed for technical efficiency since it increases the surface area of the radiator and allows for hot air to rise through the gills. This clever design maximises heat output meaning you will only need the one radiator to heat your smaller space. Since the Flow Form sits low to the ground it is the ideal heating choice for those with low ceilings that want to maximise their wall space.

At Bisque we also offer a bespoke made to measure service ideal for tight corners or alcoves. If you are living in a converted period home, then you might be faced with awkwardly shaped rooms that were left when the original property was split into flats/houses. Thanks to our made-to-measure service we can ensure every bathroom is kept nice and cosy no matter how old or awkwardly shaped.


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