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Radiators for Bedrooms

May 22nd, 2017

Bedrooms are more than just a place to lay our heads for a few hours a night. We relax there, dress there, work there and with ensuites now a common feature, the lines between bedroom and bathroom are also often blurred.

Decorative Panel Radiator In Volcanic

When choosing a radiator for a bedroom, first calculate your required heat output and then consider your preferred placement. If you are refurbishing, it can often make sense to place radiators in existing positions such as under windows, where they are out of the way and where minimal installation changes are required. Our Classic and Decorative Panel radiators come in a wide range of sizes which means you won’t have to alter pipework. Or if depth is a concern, then look at slim, aluminium radiator designs such as our Blok and Lissett.

Classic Radiator, Colour Flame Red In Children's Bedroom

If you want to take advantage of the light from windows, by putting dressing tables or desks in front of them, then consider installing vertical radiators on the walls (this is also a good option if you have floor length curtains). Vertical radiators can fit into otherwise unusable spaces such as between windows and in corners and provide a very discreet heating solution. But do discuss pipework positions with your plumber before installing – we have seen many installations ruined by poorly considered, wonky pipework which is why our website configurator will give you the exact pipe centres for every radiator and valve combination.

Classic Vertical Radiator, Colour White In Bedroom

Colour also plays a very important part in mood we want to create in a bedroom. For some that’s clean whites or restful greys whilst others like rich colours and bold prints. Whatever you preference, there is a radiator colour to complement, so don’t feel restricted to white. 

Tetro Radiator, Colour White In Bedroom 

Hot Spring Radiator, Colour Traffic Yellow In Children's Rooms

And finally do consider that radiators can be more than just a heat source – many of our stylish radiators are available with attractive accessories such as rails and hooks which can be used to hang clothes and bathrobes.

Decorative Panel In Dressing Room


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