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Q&A with Bisque’s London Showroom Manager - Jackie Kilgallon

September 2nd, 2019

Our showroom manger, Jackie Kilgallon has been with the business for over 20 years! As part of our celebrations for our 40th Anniversary, we did a short Q&A to find out how she became the expert in radiators!

How long have you been at Bisque?

I joined Bisque in May 1999 as a Saturday girl, I loved it so much that I joined full time in Dec 1999 as a member of the sales team. Then a few years later became the Showroom Manager so 20 years and 3 months so far!  Clearly -  I love radiators

What is your role at Bisque?

I am the manager of the Bisque London Showroom and Zehnder Specification Centre, I greet customers when they visit the showroom and help them with their heat calculations, installation, valves and offer advice to help them choose the perfect radiator and colours for their space.

Jackie in our London Showroom

Tell us about the strangest order you have received?

I once had a customer who ordered a RAL 2005 – when I checked the finish it was an Aluminous orange. I did go back to the customer just to make sure it was the right RAL number as this was quite a bright and unusual choice. It was in fact correct ��

What is your favourite product?

The Classic is my all-time favourite product due to the wide range of sizes and colours that we have available. Depending on the colour, this product can complement an old cottage type property or a very modern apartment. It is so versatile and can even be made as a curved or angled option to fit your bay windows. This product makes my job easyr as there is something for everyone and every space.

Bisque Classic Radiator

What is your best memory at Bisque?

I have so many good memories over the years but one that sticks out is meeting Davina Mc Call in the showroom with her husband which eventually led to the radiators being featured on Big Brother or maybe meeting Ray Winston in the showroom. I also have lots of good memories working with colleagues and my team in London, we had lots of laughs!

Bisque Hot Spring in the Big Brother House

If you were to design a new Bisque product, what would you call it? 

Jackstar or maxijax – ha ha something with my name in ��


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