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New for 2019 | Bisque’s Arteplano Finishes

April 15th, 2019

Bisque’s Arteplano has always been a favourite with our customers. It may be simple in design, but its range of finishes allows this product to have the WOW factor. The Bisque Arteplano in etched copper might be one of our most famous finishes but we couldn’t stop there. For 2019 Bisque have launched three new stylish options to suit multiple interior styles.

Bisque Arteplano in Brushed Bronze

This metallic finish adds warmth to any interior. Its bronze tone suits numerous interiors including industrial and warehouse properties, this is because of its dark hues that look like it has always been a part of the building. It matches up to steel and iron work while adding a modern twist. The tone of the radiator also works well with shades of green as seen below. These earthy colours complement eachother creating a warm and cosy home.

Bisque Arteplano in Brushed Black

This model has a similar pattern to the brushed bronze but its bold black colouring creates a statement. Suitable for kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms with our added accessory towel bar, the brushed black finish stands out and for all the right reasons. Designers such as Abigail Ahern are huge fans of using dark colour in interior as it often adds sophistication to the room, why not create the look in your own home?

Bisque Arteplano in Mirror Finish

The last of the new 2019 finishes for the Arteplano is the mirror finish. This product is perfect for hallways as it reflects light around the room which allows it to look larger. If you have limited space in your dressing room, pt for this radiator, you can heat the space and make sure that your outfit is ready for the day.


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