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Inspirational grey radiators and interiors

February 12th, 2017

Looking out of the window on a dreary, damp February day, it can be hard to think of grey as an inspirational colour. Rather it seems dull and oppressing and fills you with an immediate need to book that summer holiday.  

But turn your gaze inwards and grey remains a popular choice for many interiors. For that we can thank pioneers such as Abigail Ahern who have shown us that grey, when chosen with care, can be stylish and stimulating.  And when it comes to radiators we have long championed grey as a timeless colour that works for every interior style, which is why the majority of our radiators are available from stock in one of our versatile grey finishes.  

Left to right - Aluminium, Titane, Grey Aluminium, Anthracite, Volcanic finish

Our Blok and Finn radiators are available as standard in Aluminium finish, which is a warm, glossy metallic grey that complements contemporary and vintage interiors. In comparison our Titane and Grey Aluminium finishes have a slightly yellower hue and a very subtle glitter effect which looks fantastic on tubular radiators and can suit both minimal white spaces and more colourful modern interiors.

Blok radiator in Aluminium finish

Finn radiator in Aluminium finish


Trubi radiator in Titane finish and Classic radiator in Grey Aluminium finish

The Bisque Anthracite finish has the similar glitter effect to the Grey Aluminium and is a very popular stock option for our Classic radiator range. The depth of the colour complements every backdrop and a wide variety of grey accents. 

Classic vertical radiator in Anthracite finish

Classic in Anthracite finish

The same is true of our Volcanic finish which has a matt, textured appearance and looks great across a range of radiator and interior styles – from contemporary radiators such as our Blok, Lissett and Decorative Panel models to more traditional styles like our elegant Tetro radiator. 


Tetro, Blok, Decorative Panel and Lissett radiators in Volcanic finish

It also looks fabulous when used on towel radiators, against grey bathroom tiles.

Svelte towel radiator in Volcanic finish

To order swatches of any of the options listed above, please go to the Colours section of our website where you can also find out which grey finishes are available with which radiators.  

And of course grey walls can also provide a great backdrop to radiators in accent colours, whether it be elegant white or a stronger statement colour.

Classic radiator in Traffic Yellow finish


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