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June 27th, 2019

When you think of a radiator, your first thought might go to something simple, white and plain. For years the only radiators installed in most homes have been pressed steel panels and ladder rails, as much as these products are fit for purpose, they don’t always suit the style of your home.

In 1997 Bisque launched the Hot Spring which was designed by Bisque’s founder Geoffrey Ward and designer Paul Priestman, this product re-defined the radiator! Its iconic design can inject fun into any room.

The Kitchen

The Hot Spring stands tall while taking up limited wall space which can be perfect for kitchens, with plenty of space to hang a tea towel or two. Its modern style can match contemporary kitchens while still standing out from the crowd. We partnered it here with Smeg's American-style refrigerators in ruby red. The chrome finish of this radiator dazzles the colours around the room completing this retro style kitchen.

The Bedroom

Available in over 50 colours, the hot spring is also perfect for kids bedrooms. Its coil style means that there are no sharp edges, and its pop of colour can brighten up any room.

The Living Room

Use this radiator are a sculpture in your room. Available in four sizes, you can change the height depending on the output needed and the space available.

The Bathroom

This design might be over 20 years old, but it still looks beautifully original! Recently featured in Wallpaper*, the Hot Spring’s timeless design can compliment a simple bathroom scheme to make it something unique.


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