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How Bisque products have changed with bathroom designs over the years

July 29th, 2019

 Over the years, bathroom design has gone through some quite dramatic changes; from avocado designs to crisp white suites. Today, homeowners are braver than ever before and are not afraid to add tasteful pops of colour on baths and basins.

Bisque dual fuel Balmoral 

In order to keep up with this, the range of designs available at Bisque has gone through quite a few changes throughout the years. Bisque launched the Hot Spring in 1997, revolutionising the radiator as we know it. Designed by founder of Bisque, Geoffrey Ward and Paul Priestman it won the Design Council Millennium product award in 1999. The iconic design, now over 20 years old is still as exciting and original as it once was and makes for a unique statement in any bathroom theme. In fact, high-end interiors magazine Wallpaper* featured the Hot Spring in a bathroom shoot this June!

Bisque Hot Spring

Since then, Bisque has catered for a plethora of design situations in the bathroom. As its name suggests, the timeless Classic towel rad fits within contemporary and period homes alike. In contrast, the unique but well-loved Archibald radiator breaks design boundaries yet is still an extremely popular choice when specifying a rad for the bathroom. The Archibald brings together the best of both worlds with its practical design, which allows it to be utilised for hanging towels and washing but also whilst making a bold statement.

Bisque Archibald

Whilst trends in the bathroom are continuously changing, the market is a crowded one, and as such we have developed a gorgeous range of towel radiators to reflect bathrooms of different shapes, styles and sizes.


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