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July 17th, 2020

Widely used by top interior designers, colour psychology is a useful tool that can have a huge impact on how a space affects our feelings and the overall ambiance of our homes. The cognitive connection between colour and emotions means that clever choices within interior design can be a powerful way to alter the mood of a space, evoke happiness, drum up excitement and inspire relaxation. In fact, as we battle the winter blues, the subject has become an increasingly a hot topic of conversation.

Whilst stark minimalistic designs remain as popular as ever, often the lack of colour can leave these spaces feeling rather utilitarian. Brightening up a room with an unexpected splash of colour or seamlessly matching radiators to paint and wallpaper is easy with Bisque Radiator’s unique colour-match service that caters to anything from Farrow & Ball to Little Greene.

Bisque has enjoyed a long history of experimenting with colour, recognising the importance of pioneering beautiful but practical radiators in the most enticing styles, colours and finishes. Read on to find out more on what colour can do for your space:



Green is a positive colour that makes a space feel balanced and at one with nature. Our Lissett  radiator colour matched here to Pantone Greenery 15-0343 is the ideal grassy shade that nods to meadows and moss creating a calming influence.


Red is a fiery colour that signifies passion and excitement whilst evoking grandeur and confidence. It is a visually stimulating shade that is best suited to a lively interior that oozes drama. To break up what would otherwise be a dark room, our mirror finish Olga  radiator in this bathroom helps reflect light, add dimension and class. 



Blue is a stable, soothing shade. It helps us reflect, stay logical and calm. It’s cool tones aid concentration and a clear mind which means it is perfectly paired with pure white like this Trubi radiator. Think big fluffy clouds in a blue sky. This colourway is ideal for an intellectual who wants to create a sanctuary where they can relax and cultivate new and exciting ideas. 


Grey is a wonderfully versatile neutral as it easily lends itself to cool and warm tones. Ideal in a space that cries out for a simple and composed interior, grey adds an edge of sophistication without being boring. For someone who wants to create a simple and composed space which encompasses clean lines, the Archibald  radiator in a chrome finish is a great pairing. Modelled on the world’s most famous butler, Jeeves, it’s no wonder the Archibald exudes class.


Orange is a warm and fun-loving shade that makes us feel enthusiastic and happy. If orange was a person, they would be a complete extrovert, courageous and an incredible host. Our Classic  radiator is an iconic style that can withstand bold and bright colours bringing fun and class to any room. The etched copper finish Arteplano , on the other hand, is a standalone statement. The natural orange hue of the copper adds endless interest and artistic intrigue.


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