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Case study: family home in Prestbury, Cheshire

July 16th, 2020

With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and bespoke finishes, it is no wonder that Bisque has long been recognised as the go-to radiator brand for many architects and interior designers alike. Our vast offering is something an exquisitely designed home in Prestbury, Cheshire, made sure to take advantage of. With high ceilings, dramatic windows and an elegantly sophisticated colour palette, this home was an ideal backdrop to both our choice of contemporary and traditional style radiators. 

The living area showcases one of our most popular styles: the Classic. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Classic is the ultimate choice for those who seek a traditional style without compromising on heat output. Fitting snuggly under a large window, the bottle green rad is the product of Bisque’s colour service. The rich green shade coupled with brass valves creates a striking look against the soft grey of the walls. A perfect example of allowing your radiator to contribute to the design of the room, rather than simply being an afterthought.

Elsewhere in the sophisticated home, the Arteplano finish takes centre stage and demands attention. As close to art as a radiator will ever get, the striking copper finish on each Arteplano is individually acid etched and guarantees a truly unique and remarkable design. The orange hues are elegantly enhanced next to the peacock blue armchair and blue toned flooring; a marriage of cool and warm toned palettes. 

Additionally, placing this radiator with its bright and reflective surface next to the window is a clever design choice as it helps to subtly bounce light across the rest of the room. For those that want to max out on reflection, the Arteplano also comes in an entirely mirrored finish.

Whilst the overall feel and design of this Prestbury property is sleek and sophisticated, the homeowner has not shied away from introducing heavy industrial elements. Bisque’s Flow Form and Classic rads are each spotted sporting the organic Rustique finish. Far from a simple paint job, the effect is achieved by means of genuine oxidation. Iron metal is sprayed over a base coat after which a water solution is applied to produce a rust patina, making each radiator unique with a bespoke pattern. An unexpected way to add organic texture to a space. 

Over in the bedroom and en-suite, the Classic makes yet another appearance, which just really goes to show how versatile this rad is. Here, the designer has made full use of the high ceilings and a convienient nook in the wall to install a tall Classic in a matt black finish, complimented by brass valves. The room’s neutral colour palette provides the necessary backdrop to turn the radiator into a focal point. 

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