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Bisque’s guide to… Aluminium

September 14th, 2020

Here at Bisque we always have one thing on our minds - warmth! (Well, that alongside design, heating and a myriad of other essential concerns for a radiator company). But warmth in particular stands out in times like these due to it really being at the core of what we create. As the cold chill of Autumn creeps into the air and we are forced to consider dialling up our thermostats, the often economically inspired question of when to turn the heating on to subdue those freezing November mornings comes to the fore. This has been long considered a financial necessity, however with some of Bisque’s latest and greatest radiators this is not the case – step forth our aluminium collection!

Aluminium is a material used on a quartet of Bisque radiators and for good reason. The material itself is lightweight, allowing for the radiators created with it to be much thinner and lighter, taking up less space in the home. As well as this, aluminium is an incredibly environmentally friendly material – in fact, our aluminium radiators are made from recycled materials and offer an array of efficient measures. This efficiency is the primary reason for use of aluminium over more traditional steel alternatives. Aluminium’s efficiency comes due to its ability to conduct heat 4-5 times that of steel. Furthermore, aluminium radiators transfer heat from the water faster and thus respond to changes in temperature quicker. In its totality, this means that an aluminium radiator creates less wasted heat. Some engineers estimate that this can save 5-10% off a household’s annual heating bill. Win win!

At Bisque we offer a variety of these efficient and economically friendly radiators; the Blok, Lissett, Svelte and Tetro.

The Blok is an interesting radiator, combining an aluminium material with a rectangular body to form a design that can be either bold and bright or subtle and discreet. Its rectangular shape is traditional, meaning it can blend easily when colour-matched to that of a space’s walls. In addition, if one takes advantage of Bisque’s colour-matching service the radiator transforms from a subtle piece to one of a striking nature.

The Lissett and Svelte are two radiators that almost act as siblings to one another. Both sport a modern and ergonomic aluminium-based design, whose streamlined nature matches the same efficiency of the material it is constructed from. Furthermore, the modern, reflective handles of the Svelte add a touch of glamour, perfect for those who like to live life in the lap of luxury.

Finally, last but certainly not least is the Tetro, a radiator whose uncannily familiar design is quintessentially Bisque but with a contemporary twist. If the Lissett and Svelte are siblings, then the Classic and Tetro are father-and-son. The Tetro sports a thinner and lighter design akin to that of the Classic. It is versatile and suitable for any space, effectively taking what is great about the Classic – or even the look of a cast iron radiator thanks to its delicate filigree pattern - and updating it for a modern interior.  

Overall, aluminium is an essential material that we will be seeing much more of as the world becomes more environmentally conscious and aware.


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