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Bisque serves up stylish heating solutions at The Waterside Inn, Bray-on-Thames

July 30th, 2021

In the leafy Berkshire village of Bray-on-Thames, you’ll find one of the UK’s outstanding fine dining experiences, The Waterside Inn.  Renowned for its classic French cuisine, The Waterside Inn has retained its three Michelin stars since 1984, the longest of any restaurant outside France.  Now under the leadership of Chef Patron, Alain Roux, The Waterside Inn is as famous for its hospitality as for its food. 

As a restaurant with rooms, The Waterside Inn offers 11 luxuriously appointed guestrooms, a private dining room and has its very own boat, The Waterside Inn II, that seats eight and is the perfect vessel for a jaunt upstream.  The establishment has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a ramshackle riverside pub bought and transformed by Michel and Albert Roux in 1972!


When planning Phase One of a two-phase refurbishment of its guestrooms, in-house designer, Laura Roux, wished that each of the four rooms and en-suite bathrooms should retain their own unique character and charm.  As with all aspects of The Waterside Inn, attention to detail is everything, and the fittings and fixtures were quickly identified as important finishing touches to greatly enhance the completed look and feel of each room.  Far from objects of mere utility, Laura was keen that the radiators should be a focal point in her designs.  Laura sought inspiration at the Bisque Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Camberley to view the radiator designs, styles and colours featured within the collections.  Having had sight of Laura’s architect plans, the Bisque team were also able to help calculate the outputs required within Laura’s design brief.

‘We wanted a mix of traditional and modern radiators and found that Bisque, which is part of the Zehnder group, offered a broad range of products designed to enhance the atmosphere and style of any room,’ says Laura. ‘Bisque was the natural choice because it’s a brand that shares our passion for excellence, and its outstanding reputation for quality and fantastic customer service lived up to our expectations.  Our challenge was to ensure the refurbished rooms felt fresh and inviting while remaining faithful to the overall look and feel of the restaurant and hotel. We appreciated the professional guidance and support we received throughout.’


Phase One focused on four guestrooms, namely La Tamise, Le Nid Jaune, Le Jardinet and La Terrasse.  Each redesign is defined and inspired by its name, as follows:  

La Tamise, meaning The Thames, features hues of blue and a stunning mural that reflects the riverside setting.

The radiator in La Tamise’s bathroom is from Bisque’s Buckingham range. 


Le Nid Jaune, or ‘Yellow Nest’, features elegant bird motifs and soft golden tones.

A radiator from the Buckingham range works perfectly with the dimensions in the bathroom.


Le Jardinet translates as ‘Little Garden’ and has a fresh, botanical feel, picking out natural tones.

A radiator from the Buckingham range was chosen for the bathroom in the Le Jardinet.


And finally, La Terrasse (‘The Terrace’) boasts stunning accents of colour in a serene setting.  

The bathroom in La Terrasse features a Bisque radiator from the Osbourne range.


The guestrooms

Bisque central heating radiators from the Classic range lend subtle sophistication to each of the guestrooms. With 71 sizes in stock, and bespoke sizes also available, there are options to suit even the trickiest of spaces. The radiators can also be colour-matched to popular paint ranges such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. Wall-mounted models have underside connections; floor-mounted models have side connections. Bisque Classics are manufactured using new laser welding technology, which provides a superior finish and quality, and electric versions are also available.


The bathrooms

Bisque towel rail radiators from the Buckingham range are fitted in three of the bathrooms (La Tamise, Le Jardinet and Le Nid Jaune). These follow a traditional, wall-mounted design and are available in 10 colours and three deluxe finishes, including bright nickel, brass and antique bronze. Finally, a Bisque towel radiator from the Osbourne range was used in one bathroom (La Terrasse). This floor-mounted model is perfect for industrial-style designs or antique finishes, and comes in a number of deluxe finishes, from bright nickel to polished brass. Bisque also supplied radiators for the reception and foyer areas of the Waterside Inn, as well as the downstairs guest cloakrooms.


‘Bisque doesn’t just make amazing products, the team there builds strong relationships too,’ says Laura Roux. ‘It speaks volumes that the late Michel Roux originally approached Bisque himself, as he was aware of the brand and its excellent reputation. We are delighted with the superb durability and quality of the products and they look fantastic in our rooms.  We would not hesitate to recommend Bisque and its products.’

Bisque, which is part of the Zehnder group, crafts radiators that provide beautiful, practical and efficient heating solutions which are also environmentally responsible. They are an expertly engineered fusion of form and function, helping to create the perfect indoor climate at any time of year.


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