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Bisque | Radiator Size and Placement

May 29th, 2018

At Bisque we offer stylish radiators for any space.

Radiators no longer need to be placed in the coldest spot in the room, or where previous ones have been installed. Now thanks to double glazing and improved insulation the options of radiator placement are unlimited (well... almost). Don’t let old pipework dictate the position of your new radiator.

Majority of our products come in vertical and horizontal models which allows you to install them in several practical or otherwise unusable spots, for example, behind your door or on your kitchen island.

Vertical radiators are often the perfect solution when space saving. Tall slim radiators with high outputs could be an option to consider when wall space is limited, the Bisque Classic or Tetro are good options when looking for vertical radiator.

Another option to consider is low level or floor mounted radiators. These discrete radiators can be installed under large windows, and with high output can still kick out the heat needed for your space.

With so many options to choose from, make sure you explore the Bisque range to find the perfect radiator for your interior style and heating needs. Our radiator experts can help when it comes to sizing and positioning of your new radiator. Please contact the showroom for more information.



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