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Bathroom Styles and Radiators for the Future

July 15th, 2013

With very little change in the housing market, many homeowners are looking at ways to reinvent the home as opposed to moving houses.

Arguably this year has stressed the importance of choosing quality over quantity within home decorating. It’s been about re-working what you already have and making some small adjustments but for a big effect. Many of us will be thinking about the home and its long term marketability and choosing design which will be fit for the future. Some of us will be decorating for the here and now and enjoying the seemingly endless supply of home decorating ideas – made more available now to us through social media, blogs and magazines. But essentially, what we are all being told is to choose the things we love.

Radiators were once a staple item in the home used solely for keeping the house warm and having no decorative purpose other than to fill up wall space. There was also a time when some decorative radiators overlooked heat efficiency for the sake of looking good. Nowadays, savvy customers know that heat output is a smart choice and the radiator market has adapted accordingly. Modern radiators of today include not only aesthetically pleasing elements but advanced radiator technology.

Current trends fit for the future


Eco-friendly products are big this year and more people recognise the importance to conserve the environment. We'’ve noticed a growing trend in towel radiators being chosen in aluminium – designed with more space to hang towels. Aluminium radiators are low-water usage products, and are usually made from recycled material. They offer fast heating response times and are quick to cool down, which means you are more in control of the comfort levels in your home. These are energy efficient products for the future.

Bisque Blok radiator is Aluminium

The Blok towel radiator is energy efficient and is suitable for both large and small spaces


Adding colour to a bathroom is a quick and easy way to give it a new look. If you’re reluctant to paint or renovate it, just adding a few coloured accessories can instantly refresh the whole look.

Installing a towel radiator which can be run on central heating or an electric towel warmer is a fantastic way to give your bathroom a quick luxury look. Modern designs can enhance any bathroom space and the variety of colours now available means you can get as creative as you like without under-valuing the whole space.

We know that there is a growing demand for coloured radiators either in natural colours to complement tiles or bright colours to make a vibrant style statement. We'’ve also seen a resurgence of monochromatic bathroom trends which have lent themselves very well towards volcanic radiator shades. For many years chrome was the finish of choice but colourful radiators not only offer something new but can increase heat output by up to 20%. Look for good quality paint finishes.

Bisque Deline towel radiator in volcanic

Neutral tones and textured finishes are going to continue to be big in the upcoming year and the usual whites, beiges, browns and greys will be on the list. But there needn’t be a beige overload as bright, vibrant and even metallic hues are now taking on prominence. Greens, blues, orange and pinks look fresh and exude style confidence when used well in the bathroom. Pops of colour can and should accent and accentuate.

Pops of colour make a vibrant style statement

You can order colour samples on our website to help you choose the perfect shade.

Classic Radiators are irresistible in candy colours

Contemporary Meet Classic design

Using Classic design and contemporary finishing or modern materials is best used to describe this trend. Trends that include “shabby-chic” have embraced this style and given us a new appreciation for products which have aged with time. Our Classic radiator for example has a look of the old-school radiator but can be matched in up to 2000 colours and in a variety of finishes – it complements traditional and modern interiors and is a firm favourite with all of us here at Bisque and our customers.

The great thing about contemporary meeting classic design is that we have the opportunity to really add our own personal touch to our interiors. Finding vintage pieces and mixing and matching with more contemporary styles gives a room an individual look.

We are getting very excited about a new product which incorporates classic design but which meets technological advancements and styling. Watch this space!

Spa Style Bathrooms

Spa style bathrooms are one of 2013’s biggest bathroom trends. A space which now serves as your sanctuary and which looks and feels luxurious moves on from previous minimalistic designs.

Free standing baths, luxury taps, LED bathroom lighting, wetrooms and luxury tiles all make for a heavenly space. Refined finishes and detailing can evoke the senses and make for a “bathing experience”.

For radiators to complement your spa-style bathrooms look for sleek and chic designs. Metallic finishes look especially glamourous as do purples, dark reds and emerald greens. Glistening stainless steel radiators also make a good option. High quality stainless steel is a durable and hard-wearing option and will ensure your radiator will be able to stand the test of time.

Our Svelte radiator is made from aluminium - which is particularly useful in bathrooms and kitchens where large temperature fluctuations are common. The svelte looks great against these stunning stone tiles

One thing is for certain, radiators will remain a top choice for emitting heat for the future – Modern radiators are moving with the times and Bisque offer everything from eco-friendly, colourful, contemporary and classic designs which can meet all of your heat requirements for your home and family.


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