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All white interiors

June 5th, 2017

When decorating the most popular paint choice is white, it can often be viewed as a blank canvas which can be changed and altered to keep up with new trends. The key is to make the room feel as comfortable as possible, all white interiors can make people feel uneasy.

White is no longer just white, with brands such as Farrow and Ball doing over 5 different shades, it is no longer the basic option. Having all white interiors follows the ever popular Scandinavian or industrial style, by mixing different shades of white you can also create the shabby chic look.

Bisque Tetro Radiator in Pure White

Bisque Tetro Radiator in Pure White

At Bisque, we know that white interiors can sometimes look cold, we offer a huge range of radiators to warm any room in your home, for example the Bisque Blok. This sophisticated radiator with its neat columns is topped with chrome caps to complete its contemporary style.

Bisque Block Radiator in Pure White

Bisque Blok Radiator in Pure White

Thinking more traditional? The Bisque Classic radiator comes in our own range of popular white finishes, if that is not enough for you we offer a colour matching service to popular paint brands such as Little Greene or Deluxe so you can get a radiator that blends into your decor. 

Bisque Classic Radiator colour matched to Farrow & Ball 'String'

Bisque Classic Radiator colour matched to Farrow & Ball 'String'

White is a colour that will never go out of fashion, however there is a fine line between pristine and sterile, adding natural textures such as wood can inject some character into an all-white interior.

Bisque Lisset Radiator

Bisque Lissett in White Sable

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